Huixi Li        Hello! Welcome to my webpage! My name is Huixi Li. I am a postdoc at University of Nevada, Reno under the supervision of Jing-Jing Huang. I got my Ph.D from Clemson University in 2018 under the supervision of Jim Brown. I got my bachelor’s and master’s degrees from University of Science and Technology of China in 2011 and 2013, respectively. Here is my CV.

        My research interest is number theory. In algebraic number theory,  Jim guided me to study the Saito-Kurokawa lifting which is a sequence of maps between different types of modular forms. Also we worked on the congruence primes for Hilbert Siegel eigenforms. In analytic number theory, I worked on topics like Goldbach’s conjecture and the trace of Frobenius of elliptic curves. More details are on the Research page.

     I am experienced in teaching undergraduate level courses. I co-lectured an undergraduate abstract algebra course in 2017 fall, and I have been a lecturer and a teaching assistant for calculus courses many times. It is required by the math department at Clemson that all Ph.D students must take at least two breath courses from each area of algebra, analysis, computation, statistics, stochastic and operation research. I did pretty well in all of those, so I am able to teach a broad range of math courses. I was a graduate student mentor of the 2017 math REU program at Clemson. I am a recipient of the 2018 outstanding graduate teaching awards of the math department, the college of science, and Clemson University.  More information is on the Teaching page.

        Here are some useful files:

(1 + 3 and 1 – 3)On the representation of a large integer as the sum of a prime and a square-free number with at most three prime divisors

Frobenius Distributions in Short Intervals for CM Elliptic Curves

Sun’s conjecture on Gaussian primes (abstract)










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