I have a very unique name, Huixi Li. In Chinese, it is written as 栗慧曦, which has 45 strokes, so it is similar to an English name with 45 letters. Even though it does not break the world record of the longest name which has more than 161 words and 898 letters, it is still a special one, even very few of my Chinese classmates could write my name correctly in Chinese. I really like my name, it means sunshine in the morning with wisdom.


I was given many nick names when I grew up. My favorite one is Panda. I got this name probably because I was chubby when I was a child. Even though I am much thinner now, I still ask my students to call me Panda in the calculus class because pandas are so cute! 

I am an athletic person. Because of the Clemson football team, I become a football fan now. I also like soccer. My favorite team is FC Barcelona and my favorite player is Lionel Messi. Besides the wish that someone could prove the Goldbach’s Conjecture during my lifetime, I also wish the Chinese soccer team could win the soccer world cup. I sometimes play Taiji, tennis, and badminton. I also like board games such as chess and poker.

I love watching movies and TV shows. I have watched almost every movie in the IMDB top rated 250 movies list. My favorite TV show is the big bang theory.