Math 330 Linear Algebra (18 fall at UNR)

Sec1.1     Sec1.2     Sec1.3     Sec1.4     Sec1.5    Sec1.7    Sec1.8

Sec2.1     Sec2.2     Sec2.3     Sec2.5

Sec3.1     Sec3.2

Sec4.1    Sec4.2     Sec4.3     Sec4.4     Sec4.5     Sec4.6

Sec5.1    Sec5.2      Sec5.3     Sec5.5

Sec6.1    Sec6.2     Sec6.3      Sec6.4    Sec6.5


At Clemson: 
As Instructor: 
MATH1020-Introduction to Mathematical Analysis (15 Fall)
MATH1060-Calculus of One Variable (17 Fall)
MATH1080-Calculus of One Variable (18 Spring)

As Teaching Assistant:
MATH1040-Precalculus and Introductory Differential Calculus (14 Fall, 15 Spring)
MATH1060-Calculus of One Variable I (13 Fall)
MATH1070-Differential and Integral Calculus (13 Fall)
MATH1080-Calculus of One Variable II (14 Spring)
MATH4120-Algebra I(16 Fall) (Huixi’s evaluation)

As Grader: 
MATH2080-Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations (14 Summer)

As Student: 
8210 Linear Analysis
8220 Measure and Integration
8230 Complex Analysis
8310 Fourier Series
9270 Functional Analysis
8510 Abstract Algebra I
8520 Abstract Algebra II
8530 Matrix Analysis
8580 Number Theory
9510 Algebraic Number Theory
9520 Analytic Number Theory
9500 Commutative Algebra
9850 Lattices & Cloud Data Security (16 Fall)
9850 Codes and Siegel Modular Forms (17 Spring)
9850 Coding for Distributed Storage Coding for Distributed Storage (17 Fall)
9850 Homological Algebra (17 Fall)
9860 Algebraic Geometry (14 Spring)
9860 Elliptic Curves and Modular Forms (14 Fall)
9860 Complex Tori (15 Spring)
9860  Algebraic Topology(15 Fall)
8600 Intro to Scientific Computing
8650 Data Structures
8000 Probability
8040 Statistical Inference
OR and Stochastic:
8030 Stochastic Processes
8140 Network Flow Programming
8170 Stochastic Mod in Operation Research I